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The Story of Lee's Pro Shop

Leroy and Millie Samuelson with their children Loren, Yvonne, Jay, and Brad moved to Pine City, Minnesota in 1970. This family of athletic enthusiasts quickly realized the need for an athletic supply store in this area. Lee’s Pro Shop grew from a small retail outlet store. By 1975, Lee’s Pro Shop had two full time seamstresses working for them. In 1977 this little sporting goods store was deciding to expand. Leroy and Millie, the owners of Lee’s Pro Shop, decided it was time for a new building. Along with this new building was the addition of a silk screening and trophies operation. In 1990, Leroy and Millie decided to sell Lee’s Pro Shop to their four children.

With Loren, Yvonne, Jay, and Brad eager to set out and make their mark in the sporting goods market, they decided that one building would not be sufficient to house their operation. So they decided to rent out a building across the street. After three years of having the lettering department split from the retail store, the owners said it was once again time to upgrade and move to a new location. So in 1993 Lee’s Pro Shop moved to it’s current location.

With every aspect of business under one roof, Lee’s Pro Shop has been able to better serve it’s customers. What started as a hobby 29 years ago for Leroy and Millie Samuelson has turned into a thriving family business and what has been called Pine City’s “biggest little industry.” It isn’t little anymore.

Today Lee’s Pro Shop employs 37 local people. The new Lee’s Pro Shop Specializes in Silk Screening, Chenille, Tackle Twill, Embroidery, Trophies, and retail sporting goods. The tradition of the Samuelson’s will continue. Traditions like their determination, sense of humor, love of sports, and a service minded philosophy which has kept this family business prospering and growing.

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